About Us



Christina Torres

Customer Service/Marketing Specialist, MM Traffic School

Christina Torres is the go to person when it comes to anything customer related. She is our customer service and marketing specialist in MM Traffic School. Christina Torres is dedicated to make sure all individuals have an equally great experience with traffic school. Her devotion to the company is evident, with the countless amount of positive experiences.


The Office

Our office is located in the fine city of San Diego, CA.

Who We Are


We aim to provide a fast and easy service to help you get back on the road. Here at MM Traffic School, we have a passion to teach safe driving. Our traffic course is designed to teach the best techniques to new drivers and show experienced drivers something new. We believe our safety courses would improve your knowledge of the driving, helping keep our roads safe.

The course is specifically designed around the DMV curriculum but is presented in a easy way to read. We try and make the material fun and interactive so students don’t have a difficult time going through all of the information provided. At the end of the day, we really want students to read all of the material and if the material is bland, students are more likely to skip through crucial information. By keeping our students engaged in the course, they will be prepared to get back on the road.

MM Traffic School has an obligation to society to educate students and keeping drivers safe. We feel that we are taking massive strides in that direction by providing an appealing and stimulating traffic school course. Our unrivaled dedication to our students sets us apart from any other traffic school. We will always provide excellent service, and continue to provide a fast and efficient way to complete your traffic school.

Here at MM Traffic School we try to provide traffic school at your convenience. We understand how busy your life can get and have designed different course to accommodate your busy schedule. We provide an online course where the safety course materials and testing is all provided online. We also provide a booklet course where you can take the material and test home, and once you finish, you could either mail or drop off the test to our local San Diego office.

Our courses are designed to work around the students schedule. The curriculum can be completed whenever the students want to work on it. By working around the schedule of our students, we feel like we are making the traffic school more convenient and accessible to a larger population of students.

Our culture at MM Traffic school is fast and efficient service because we truly understand that students have active lives. Traffic school shouldn’t be a burden on individuals, we go all out to make sure that the entire process from beginning to end is simple and straight forward.

Every idea begins with a problem. As time was running out and in need of a traffic school, I realized there wasn't any that I felt confident in. Everything I found was either shady or too lengthy and difficult to get done in the short amount of time that I had.

I was looking for something simple: easy to navigate, fast: I could work on during my busy schedule, and dependable: great service to ensure my time there went smoothly.

We started MM TrafficSchool to create an alternative.

We believe that driving school should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and with money in your pocket.

We also believe that everyone should have access to a great traffic school. There are thousands of traffic schools out there but it's rare to find one that where you could learn effectively and get back on the road.

There's nothing complicated about it. Great traffic school, great drivers.